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TSZ Cosmetics Brand Story

Airbrush Makeup Kits Tell a makeup artist s/he can create her own brand of airbrush cosmetics. Give her full access to a laboratory and factory that has over 20 years of experience. Do not give her any budgets restrictions and on top of that, let her know her loving sister, who is an expert in skincare products, will oversee the production process to make sure everything is done to perfection. These were the ideal conditions Nien Tsz Lee was given when she set out to create TSZ Cosmetics. It was still not an easy task. The pressure of knowing her celebrity clients and other popular celebrities will use her airbrush make up kits made it an extremely stressful adventure. Lee pushed her laboratory to the max. One lab technician even wanted to quit her job because she felt the expectations were too high. Ingredients had to be purchased from some of the best factories in the world in order to achieve the quality Lee wanted. For example, the silicone ingredient was the higher grade of silicone that is usually used in skincare products. It took a year-and-a-half for Lee to develop her airbrush foundation shades plus three of her liquid foundations (G1, G2, and G3). It took her almost another two years to finish her seven color blush set and her nine fashion colors set (i.e. primary colors, black, white, etc.). More time was needed to complete the four liquid glitter colors or what is known as TSZ’s G-line.

Airbrush Makeup Kits

High Definition Airbrush Cosmetics Lee’s goal was to create products that would meet the quality, we, as makeup artists, would need. She wanted products with vibrant colors, felt comfortable on the skin, and was easy to use, which meant they could be applied with a finger or brush, too, and not just with a compressor. This would allow everyone to use them from the everyday woman to people in the fashion industry or as Hi-def airbrush make up. The 35 colors she created consist of 12 foundations (six warm and six cool tones). They’re organized in a systematic user friendly way with F1 being the lightest shade and F12 being the darkest. If you want the foundation to look lighter, just add a drop or two of the foundation number below the one being used. If you want to go darker, use the next higher foundation number and add a drop or two of that. The seven color Blush set has three pink tones and three orange tones (B4 Janet can be pink or orange). The liquid glitter line (G line) has seven colors including gold, metallic, and copper. The nine Fashion Color set has the primary colors plus popular colors like black and white. It was important for Lee, who’s passionate about colors, to create some “true” colors. When she tested some of the products on the market, she sometimes found the color of the paint looked different when in the bottle compared to when it was sprayed onto the skin.

Airbrush Cosmetics Compared To Traditional Makeup

So what is the difference between airbrush cosmetics and traditional makeup? There are plenty: 1) Better texture – This new tool is capable of applying a more flawless and smoother layer of makeup. This is because unlike a sponge, finger, or brush, the gun applicator does not make contact with the skin and thus won’t leave behind any visible marks; 2) faster – you will be able to cut your make up time in half by using airbrushing makeup! Your clients will love that! You can also take on more cases with the extra free time; 3) Light – our specially formulated makeup feels feather light on the face. Unlike water base makeup, our silicone base makeup will not feel heavy and thick. It was created so multiple layers can be sprayed on if so desired; 4) Durability – our silicone based makeup will last for six hours or more and is water resistant ; 5) Cost Effective – This kind of makeup has many uses which can help decrease the amount of equipment you will need. The various colors can sometimes act as a foundation or sometimes as a blush. Sometimes they can be used as a lipstick and other times as an eye shadow or eyeliner. In addition to spraying on the face, it can be a body airbrush makeup and can even be sprayed on the hair; 6) Hygienic –unlike brushes and sponges, the gun never makes contact with the skin, which prevents germs from spreading.

Why Is Air brush Makeup So Popular?

To determine if a product is good to use or popular, sometimes it is helpful to see who is using it. TSZ products are currently being used by some of the most well known beauty schools in the world. Here are a few examples: Greasepaint in the UK , Make Up Designory in New York , Blanche Macdonald Centre in Canada , Zing the makeup school and Beauty Tech in Hong Kong. Airbrushing make up and airbrush makeup equipment were used in such well known TV shows such as “Friends,” “Baywatch,” “The Sopranos,” and “Heroes” just to name a few. They were also used in various movies. The following is just a short list of them: “Lord of the Rings,” “X-Men,” “The Davinci Code,” “27 Dresses,” “Pirates Of The Caribbean 3,” “Stepford Wives,” “Milk,” and “AI” or “Artificial Intelligence” in which Steven Spielberg specifically requested that all his “artificial” characters use it so they’ll have that flawless skin texture. In terms of celebrities, most of Hollywood’s big stars have probably already used it. Here is a short list of them: Janet Jackson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, J. Lo, Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum, and even former President Bill Clinton. In Asia, TSZ products have been used by famous celebrities like Jolin Tsai, Annie Yi, Elva Hsiao, Karen Mok, Maggie Cheung, Sammi Cheng, Liu Jia Ling, Shu Qi, and Zhang Ziyi just to name a few.

The Newest Trend In Makeup: Buy Airbrush Makeup

The newest trend in the makeup industry is airbrush foundation (aka cosmetic airbrush). Some say schools set the trend because they are always looking for something new to teach. If you visit the websites of the top makeup schools in America, Canada, or the UK, you will find almost all of them teach a class on this topic. It may be a High Definition airbrush makeup class or an airbrush bridal makeup class or an airbrush body makeup (aka body airbrush) class. Others believe the catwalk and the fashion industry are where trends are created. If that’s the case look no further than the first season of “America’s Next Top Model” and you will see it being used. It used to be the secret of the celebrities, but now these products and classes are available to everyone. TSZ Cosmetics offers two air brush classes at their Taipei Studio in Taiwan. The Fundamentals Course introduces students to the variety of ways cosmetic airbrush has been used in the past and present. A practical component follows in which students learn how to use the makeup and equipment. An Advance course is also offered in which students can customize the class according to their needs. The three days of intensive instruction will hit on topics ranging from working with various stencils, transforming a sketch into a make up application, to working with layers. Both classes are taught by TSZ Cosmetics brand owner Nien Tsz Lee.

The Future of TSZ Air brush Make up

As the leading brand of air brush make up in Asia, TSZ Cosmetics is going to make their products available to the rest of the world. Launching in mid November 2009, TSZ will introduce its new online store ( where all their products will be available for purchase. They will have a rare promotional 21% off sale to allow people to try their products including their newly created TSZ Custom Sets. These nine bottle sets will consist of their foundation, blush, fashion colors, and liquid glitters. Four skin tones corresponding to four different sets will be available. They will also introduce their new kits which combines their makeup products with their equipment. Discounts will be given on all their kits. In addition to the new products, education will be a big component of the website. Articles focusing on techniques will be posted. Short demonstrations will use diagrams or videos to talk about various topics including: how to clean and take apart the gun, mixing colors, and how to contour and highlight. Teacher Lee will also discuss how to create a flawless look and how to use the TSZ High Def Translucent Loose Powder as well as some body painting techniques. In addition, there will be a makeup recipes section in which Lee describes what products she used in the past to create her art. You’ll be amazed by all the various looks that can be achieved with their S/B (silicone base) makeup.

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